» » » Cobolt NLD 785 nm: new narrow line laser for Raman Spectroscopy!

Cobolt NLD 785 nm: new narrow line laser for Raman Spectroscopy!

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Cobolt proudly announces the release of Cobolt NLD™ 785 nm, a new ultra-compact narrow-linewidth laser with integrated optical isolator, up to 500 mW in output power.

The Laser will be showcased at Laser World of Photonics in Munich, June 22-25. The von Gegerfelt Photonics team would be happy to see you at booth #B2:220, where we exhibit together with Cobolt!

Cobolt NLD Laser 785nm
Cobolt NLD 785nm

This laser is the start of the Cobolt 08-01 Series; a new family of narrow linewidth continuous-wave lasers with diode pumped solid state lasers as well as stabilized diode lasers. Available at fixed wavelengths from 532 nm up to 785 nm with output power up to 500 mW. The lasers are built using proprietary HTCure™ manufacturing technology for ultra-robustness into a compact hermetically sealed package.

The lasers emit a high quality laser beam with very stable characteristics and dependable performance, tailored to meet the high expectations from manufacturers of high end raman-instrumentation. They are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest level of reliability.

The Cobolt 08-01 series of lasers are intended for stand-alone use in laboratory environment or for integration as OEM component in equipment including not only Raman spectroscopy, but also other applications where stable and narrow linewidth is crucial.

If you are interested in making a request or receiving more product information, please use our contact form or send an email to info@vgphotonics.eu.

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