» » » New wavelength for holography: Cobolt Bolero™ 640 nm, 500 mW

New wavelength for holography: Cobolt Bolero™ 640 nm, 500 mW

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Cobolt AB, a part of HÜBNER Photonics, proudly highlights the addition of a new wavelength of 640 nm (Bolero) to the Cobolt 05-01 Series of single frequency lasers. With up to 500 mW and a linewidth of <1 MHz, the Cobolt Bolero™ is ideal for holographic and advanced interferometric applications. The Cobolt Bolero™ complements Cobolt’s current offering of RGB single frequency lasers: Cobolt Flamenco™ 660 nm with up to 500 mW, Cobolt Samba™ 532 nm with up to 1.5 W and Cobolt Twist™ 457 nm with up to 200 mW.

All Cobolt lasers are manufactured using proprietary HTCure™ technology and the resulting compact hermetically sealed package which provides a very high level of immunity to varying environmental conditions along with exceptional reliability. Lasers built using HTCure™ have been shown to withstand multiple 60G mechanical shocks in operation without any sign of degraded performance.

With demonstrated lifetime capability of  >60 000 hours and several thousand units installed in the field, Cobolt lasers have proven to deliver unmatched reliability and performance both in laboratory and industrial environments, and are offered with market leading warranty terms.