If your sensitive application requires a stable support with a high-performance vibration isolation concept, OptoSigma’s high-quality products are your natural choice!

OptoSigma is known as an experienced manufacturer and flexible partner in standard and customized table design for education, research and in­dustry.

There are three primary sources of vibration which can disturb a payload, such as ground vibrations, acoustic noises, and direct force disturbances. Even low-amplitude vibration can effect the performance and yield of lithography equipment such as stepper, the resolution of electron microscopes, the accuracy of measuring machines, and the performance of many types of precision equipment and instruments for electro-optical research.

No user wants unwanted vibrations to impair or even prevent the results of their work.

Our partner OptoSigma is offering a broad range of vibration isolation concepts for optical tables & -systems, as well as, for Lab Desks and Desk Tops. The portfolio in this category includes standard breadboards to customized optical table systems, workstations, laboratory working desks, as well as, a wide range of accessories like freestanding table shelves, Faraday Cages, Clear Acrylic Cabinets, Shield- and Dark Boxes and much more.

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