Hundreds, if not thousands, of companies in the world are offering diode laser assemblies at prices much lower than the ones in our program. As long as the requirements e.g. on beam quality, intensity noise and/or operation hours are modest, building a laser producing a beam, based on components available on the market, is relatively easy. But with increasing demands, a much higher level of special knowledge in optical, mechanical and electronic design, and in production technology, is required.

We offer high performance lasers that are suitable for demanding applications, where one or more of the following properties are of importance:
- High beam quality (typical M2<1.1)
- Low intensity noise kHz-MHz (typical <0.2 % rms)
- High extinction ratio by fast ON/OFF modulation (typical >70 dB)
- Stable output power (variations <1% over 8 hours)
- Robustness and high reliability over time (many years)
- Maintenance-free fiber coupling options (true single-mode fiber pigtailing)

Examples on successful applications for our diode laser products are:
- Fluorescence microscopy
- Flow cytometry
- Other life science fluorescence applications
- Particle analysis
- Raman spectroscopy (only special, narrow linewidth, laser versions)

Please note:
Most of the diode laser modules are spectrally rather broadband in comparison to our other lasers, on the order of one nanometer. Therefore they can seldom be used for Raman spectroscopy or applications requiring a coherence length more than 1 mm. For such applications, watch out for our “narrow linewidth” diode lasers or the single frequency lasers based on other technologies.
As always, we will be happy to assist you.

We offer diode lasers by our partner Cobolt.  For specific product information and data sheets, please take a look at these links:

Cobolt MLD/06-Series

Cobolt NLD/08-Series