The LEDMOD Series – Intelligent High Power LED Modules

Omicron’s LED light sources offer new possibilities in applications where strong spectral radiance with high power output stability, temperature-controlled wavelength, direct modulation and flexible light guiding are needed, without the requirement for the small spot sizes or high irradiance levels possible using lasers.
These compact, flexible and extremely long-lived LED modules are available in many wavelengths, from deep UV to the near infrared, as well as in a white-light version.

The optional, highly-efficient fiber coupling, the RS-232-interface, the Windows™ compatible software for programming and control, and the diverse operating modes, make these modules easy to integrate in systems, as modern solid-state alternatives e.g. to gas discharge and halogen lamps.
Typical applications are in bioanalysis, medical technology and chemistry, based e.g. on fluorescence excitation or photo-catalysis.

Key facts:

  • Small and compact design Wavelengths between 255 nm and 950 nm, plus white-light (5600 K)
  • Optical output powers up to 300 mW
  • High efficiency fiber coupling into high NA fibers
  • Analog and digital modulation up to 500 kHz
  • Programmable PWM function generator
  • OEM and Laboratory style packages available
  • Control Bus - control of multiple LEDMOD modules in parallel
  • RS-232 Interface