Typical Applications for our Laser and LED Products 


– Fluorescence microscopy

– Flow cytometry

– Bio scanners


– Printing

– Display

Single Longitudinal Mode Applications (not for LEDs):

– Raman spectroscopy

– Holography

– Interferometry

– Laser Doppler Velocimetry

Laser Range Finding (mainly 1,5 μm Cobolt Tango pulsed laser):

– Time-of-flight distance measurements

– 3D scanning

– Monitoring/Surveillance

Typical Applications for our Optics Products

We have partnered with world-leading optics manufacturers in their respective areas. The applications for the optical components that we are offering, are so multi-fold that we can here only give a few representative examples:

Research and Development:

– Laser physics research.

– Biomolecular development projects.

– General laboratory need for UV, VIS and NIR optical components and assemblies from stock.

Industrial Production:

– Manufacturing of high quality diode laser assemblies using aspherical collimation lenses.

– Analytical instruments and measurement devices incorporating quality optical components.

– Applications requiring custom designs for unique functions and performance.

Typical Applications for our Opto-Mechanical and Micro-Positioning Products

Research and Development:

– General R&D using optical methods.

– Calibration and precision alignment.

Industrial Production:

– Components for precision fixation and adjustment inside OEM instruments.

– Production and calibration tools in the manufacturing.