OptoSigma offers a wide selection of optical coatings & components ranging from simple lenses and mirrors to high power laser focusing lenses and beamsplitters cubes.

OptoSigma´s selection of lenses is very broad. We offer spherical, cylindrical and aspheric lenses. Different materials and coatings are used as appropriate. A vast range of unlisted alternative lenses is available and we welcome inquiries for other lenses and lens systems. We also have capability to design and prototype special systems for you. Contact us for further information

Our mirror selection ranges from UV to near IR. We offer laser line, multi-band and broadband high reflectors. Our product line includes metal and dielectric coatings suitable for a variety of applications.

The beamsplitter selection includes parallel plates, cubes and pellicles. We have dielectric and metallized plate and cube beamsplitters. The product line includes non-polarizing, polarizing, low-polarizing and broadband, as well as frame-less beamsplitters.

This vast range of products is provided in various sizes and additional sizes are available to meet your custom requirements. The optical component section also includes a broad selection of prisms, windows, filters, polarizers and apertures. In addition to the catalog offering in this section, OptoSigma can supply custom designs and OEM quantities.

Please note that our portfolio includes as well Objectives, Microscope Units, Laser Beam Expanders, F-Theta Lenses and Laser Cavity.

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