Our partner OptoSigma is offering Long Working Distance Zoom-,

Modular- and Super Resolution Microscopes.


Long Working Distance Zoom Microscope

Manual & Motorized Zoom Lens Barrel

The light, compact body is suitable for assembly in a small space. A single unit can cover everything from confirmation of the whole image to enlarged observation, with a zoom ratio 12× for optical performance. Coaxial epi-illumination, which is regularly mounted on the product, enables the observation of bright fields. Dark fields can be observed by using optional products, ring light guides and partial emission cassettes. The lineup includes a motorized type suitable for embedding in equipment or for automatic measurements.


Modular Microscope Systems

Observation Unit with Coaxial Illumination / Observation Unit with Laser Input Port

The OptoSigma compact microscope body is a customizable high performance imaging system for use in a wide range of applications from scientific research to industrial production equipment. Accepts a wide variety of infinity corrected objectives. Can be combined with a wide variety of optional components to accommodate many applications.


Super Resolution Microscopes

OptoNano Microsphere-Assisted Super-resolution Microscopes

Microscope technology has advanced from conventional optical solutions into sophisticated super-resolution microscopes. In the early 2000’s a group of researchers began to develop a technology called Optical Microsphere Nanoscopy (OMN). OMN was incorporated into a revolutionary instrument named the OptoNano, the world’s first nano-scale imaging tool in ambient air with a controllable working distance, providing resolution down to 137nm with no sample preparation required. OptoNano microscopes have not only broken the optical limit but also the barriers of high cost and high complexity of operations to super-resolution microscopy. This has opened a new paradigm to enable adoption of this unique super-resolution microscopy technology by users from research labs to bio-chemical scientists to industrial production floor applications.

OptoSigma offers 4 types of OptoNano Microsphere-Assisted Super-resolution Microscopes:

All the systems include controllers, software, cables, power supplies, a 10x objective and OptoNano objective. Everything to run the system is included. Extra components such as anti vibration table or other magnification objectives are available with OptoSigma.

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