OptoSigma offers a large variety of manual- and motorized positioning solutions.

Our positioning stages are suitable for laboratory and OEM applications...

...on our partners webpage, you will find more products like e.g. goniometer stages, vacuum compatible motorized stages, piezo stages, stepping motors, controllers, drivers and more interesting resources of the category "actuators & manual stages, as well as, of "motorized stage systems" for direct purchase online.

The positioning of optical components and subsystems requires a high degree of precision and flexibility. Sometimes it is necessary to position a component within a micron or less while for other users a large range of travel may be more important. Straightness of travel, lack of cross-talk and freedom from backlash, are all considerations which assume different levels of importance according to the application.

Most of our positioning stages and slides are compatible with industry standard mounting patterns. They may be incorporated into existing systems with ease. We also offer a range of stages which are primarily intended for OEM use that offer performance and mounting options not found in our family of laboratory stages. Most stages can be prepared for vacuum compatible applications.

Please see the extensive offer on the website from our partner OptoSigma Europe SAS by clicking, here.