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New C-FLEX product information is available!!

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a new (Preliminary) data sheet and product information is now available online for the Cobolt C-FLEX C6, C4, and C8!!!

  1. All colors from the 06-Series wavelength expansion are included! (28 colors for C-FLEX!!)
  2. C4 and C8 are on the website!
  3. 05-Series lasers are included up to 1W! (Note: Preliminary model; C8)
  4. Wavelengths up to 1064nm added! (Note: Preliminary model)
  5. Expanded the available fiber configurations after a custom design this spring! (Note: preliminary model; C4/C6 – it must include fewer lasers than “maximum”)
  6. Micromanager is noted for C-FLEXs with 06-Series lasers
  7. Custom Solutions and application-specific platforms are mentioned on the webpage. https://hubner-photonics.com/products/lasers/laser-combiners/c-flex/


The wiki page for Micromanager is now active – it will get more improvements in time!
Please refer to the Cobolt Laser Manual for information about how to control the laser.

Attached here is also information for connecting the Cobolt lasers in Micromanager, compatible with:

  • Cobolt 06-01 Series lasers
  • Cobolt Skyra Multi-line lasers
  • C-FLEX laser combiners equipped with Cobolt 06-01 Series lasers


Micro-Manager is free and Open Source Microscopy Software — it is founded by a grant from the NIH (US Natioanl Institutes of Health). Please cite the use of Micro-Manager in your scientific publications. Images in this document are collected from Micro-Manager for instructural purposes.

For comparison, a similar set of control is available in the Cobolt Monitor GUI. It is a good practice to familiarize oneself with the Cobolt Laser by using the GUI before trying to control via Micro-Manager. The Cobolt Monitor GUI and Micro-anager cannot be connected at the same time! The laser will only be recognized by one program at the time. If the laser is not connecting in Micro-Manager, check for other programs on the computer that may be communicating to the laser (ex. LabView, Cobolt Monitor, etc.)