Azurlight Systems develops, manufactures and commercialises an innovative fiber laser technology at new wavelengths for scientific, industrial and bio-medical applications

The products are unique in offering an all fiber solution for greatly improved stability and offering unprecedented levels of integration for systems applications. All of the lasers are available in single mode and single frequency version for the most demanding applications.

Azurlight Systems is located in Pessac, in the south-west of France, in the heart of the "Route des Lasers" competitiveness cluster. Using innovative technologies, Azurlight Systems develops, manufactures and markets fiber lasers emitting at original wavelengths for applications in the field of bio-photonics, industry and science. The entire production is carried out in France, in the clean rooms of the company. The products we offer are unique and offer fully fiberized solutions to provide unprecedented stability gain and facility of integration.

Azurlight Systems designs and implements these fiber lasers in a new spectroscopic configuration. This new operating mode takes advantage of an original distribution of optical pumping intensity, made possible by a new and patented laser architecture. It makes it possible to reach wavelengths so far inaccessible for fiber lasers.

Thanks to these innovations, Azurlight Systems is the first company in the world to have developed a fiber laser emitting blue radiation at 488 nm.

All of the company's lasers benefit from the inherent qualities of fiber-based technology, namely excellent dotted and power stability, ideal beam quality, low maintenance cost and long service life.

Azurlight Systems was created in July 2010 by a team consisting of three key people with an international reputation in the optical community and with all the necessary skills (development, industrialization and commercialization) for the successful development of an innovative company. With a cumulated experience of more than 50 years, MM. Nicholas TRAYNOR, Johan BOULLET and Mathias LE PENNEC are directly responsible for a turnover of several tens of millions of euros, some twenty patents and some 150 scientific publications.

Since its creation in 2010, the company has successfully produced and delivered hundreds of laser systems both nationally and internationally for industrial and academic customers.


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