Azur Light Systems (ALS) develops, manufactures and commercialises an innovative fiber laser technology at new wavelengths for scientific, industrial and bio-medical applications

The products are unique in offering an all fiber solution for greatly improved stability and offering unprecedented levels of integration for systems applications. All of the lasers are available in single mode and single frequency version for the most demanding applications.

After a successful product launch of the first multi-watts single mode fiber laser at 488nm on the market, ALS has developed a multi wavelengths platform (ALS-OCEAN) to offer a drop in replacement of the historical high power Argon gas lasers.

Azur Light Systems is based in Pessac, France at the heart of the “Route des Lasers” competitiveness cluster.

Von Gegerfelt Photonics is Azur Light Systems' exclusive representative in Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Fiber Lasers