Cobolt software

You will find all downloads listed below on this site:

Cobolt Monitor software

The Cobolt Monitor software provides a graphical way to monitor the laser performance and to change power, operation mode and other settings.

Driver for USB communication

To connect to the laser via USB, the USB driver must be installed. When installed, a virtual COM port will be created to communicate with the laser.


Integrate the Cobolt lasers into LabVIEW environment.

Micro-manager drivers

The Cobolt lasers can also be easily integrated into Micro-Manager environment. The appropriate drivers can be downloaded from the open source community website here.

Omicron Laser Tools App

The Omicron Laser Tools App for iPhone, iPad, Android based mobile phones and tablets helps you in your daily work with lasers.

The App offers calculations of coherence length, beam divergence and focal diameter. Furthermore you can find out which Omicron laser is the best choice for your application. You can search by wavelength, operating mode,application and flourescent dye/protein (microscopy/biotech)

The App is available for the iPhone / iPod and the iPad in the iTunes App Store aswell as for Android mobile phones and tablets.
Find further information and download links here.

OptoSigma software

Find the latest product software, software manuals, technical information and USB drivers by OptoSigma here.


Spectroscopy at the tip  (Jaroslaw Sperling and Korbinian Hens, Physics Best, Germany)


Photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy (Niklas Waasem and University of Ulm Quantum Optics et all, Germany)

CW Laser light widely tunable across the visible (Jaroslaw Sperling and Korbinian Hens, Optik&Photonik)

Optical Microscopes (remote-mode microsphere nano-imaging; Minghui Hong, Lianwei Chen, Yan Zhou and Mengxue Wu, Singapore)


C-WAVE for Single-Molecule Spectroscopy (MPI for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany)

C-WAVE at work with trapped ions (Atomic Physics) (Prof. Tobias Schätz and Dr. Ulrich Warring, University of Freiburg, Germany)

C-WAVE for Plasmon-Focusing (NanoPhotonics) (MPI for Solid State Research, SCOPE and 4th Institute of Physics at University of Stuttgart, Germany)


10.000th Laser by Cobolt AB (Dr. Sam Johnsson, UK)

Compact nanosecond pulsed OPO (Håkan Karlsson, Jonas Hellström, Peter Jänes and Gunnar Elgcrona, June 2016)

tunable, narrow bandwidth mid-IR laser (Håkan Karlsson and Sauli Sinisalo from Gasera Ltd, June 2016)


Hübner aquires Cobolt (Hübner Holding GmbH)

Lasers Optics Enhance Optogenetics Studies (Olofsson et al, Biophotonics, January 2015)


OPO based Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Speeds Up Gas Analysis (Sauli Sinisalo and Hakan Karlsson, Photonics Spectra, December 2014)

Cobolt Tor 1064nm – Compact industrial LIBS systems can assist aluminum recycling LFW (Bertrand et al, Laser Focus World, October 2014)


rsEGFP2 enables fast RESOLFT nanoscopy of living cells (Grotjohann et al, eLife 2012;1:e00248)


Cobolt Flamenco – CW DPSS Lasers make STED Microscopy more practical (Biophotonics, May/June 2012)


Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (SPIM) and laser excitation in orange for imaging of live organisms (Photonik International, 2011)


Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (SPIM) and laser excitation in orange for imaging of live organisms (Photonik International, 2010)

Cobolt – Orange Laser Sources for Life Sciences Research (Telford et al, Biophotonics, January 2010)

Manufacturing of ultra-robust solid state lasers using high temperature curing processes (Photonik, January 2010)


36 degree step size of proton-driven c-ring rotation in FoF1-ATP synthase (Düser et al, EMBO Journal 28, 2689-2696, 2009)

TIRF microscopy evanescent field calibration using tilted fluorescent microtubules (Gell et al, Journal of Microscopy, Vol. 234, Pt 1, pp 38-46, 2009)


Fluorescence microscopy of living cells using new 515 nm DPSS lasers (Photonik International, February 2008)

Exploiting the Nitrilotriacetic Acid Moiety for Biolabeling with Ultrastable Perylene Dyes (Peneva et al,130 (16), pp 5398–5399, 2008)

Experimental Verification of an Exact Evanescent Light Scattering Model for TIRM (Hertlein et al, Langmuir, 24 (1), pp 1–4 ©American Chemical Society, 2008)

Direct measurement of critical Casimir forces (Hertlein et al, Nature 451 (7175),172-175, 2008)


Periodic acceptor excitation spectroscopy of single molecules (Doose et al, BIOPHYSICS letter, 2007)


Multilinien DPSS Laser – Grundlagen und Anwendungen in Bioanalytik und konfokaler Laser Scanning Mikroskopie (Photonik, June 2005)

Cobolt – Multiline DPSS Lasers – a true ar-ion alternative (Europhotonics, June/July 2005)