» » » Azurlight – New visual identity! New product Up to 130 W!

Azurlight – New visual identity! New product Up to 130 W!

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Azurlight Systems has changed their logo, the site, the image, all the visual identity … but not their products and they still have the same quality, same performances, etc. The company is working every day to propose new solutions to your applications. With the new identity of Azurlight, the R&D team has developed a new product born this year, now offering:

High Power 1064 nm and High Power 1030 nm

up to 130 W fiber laser & amplifiers! Still the same performances; Single Mode, Single Frequency, Ultra-Low noise. The product is watercooled and the main unit is composed by a 19″6U rack.


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1030 nm and 1064 nm





The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary next year, and the visual re-branding identity «Experience The Extreme» is corresponding to the current industrial and academic dynamics. Watch the company video here: AZURLIGHT






Argon Gas Laser Replacement

Lasers Doppler Velocimetry


We provided standard products with original wavelengths, and some customers want exotics wavelengths for precise physics applications. We propose different standard products, but the extent of our know-how doesn’t stop there. We take the time to understand your issues and the specificities that are important to you to achieve a unique product tailored to your needs! We are used to answer to custom requests and make custom products, don’t hesitate to contact us – ask us your wavelengths and features!

  • Seeder and amplifier chain in a standard 3U 19” rack. Choice of Constant Current or Constant Power mode. 35 dB inbuilt protection from IR reflections, higher protection can be provided with extra filtering.
  • The Azurlight seeder is housed in an external rack. Allows future upgrades such as adding power splitters to drive multiple amplifiers in parallel or upgrade or change of seed laser.
  • Amplifier/SHG for use with a client seed source. Need to make sure with the client that the seed source is compatible (any doubts and we ask them to provide the seed source to build the amplifier). Input FC/APC. Automatic detection on amplifier input which validates adequate power and polarization of seeder.