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NEW! … from Cobolt & HÜBNER Photonics

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The fullest range of lasers for Raman Spectroscopy: Cobolt 08-01-Series Narrow Linewidth Lasers;

  • NEW! 08-NLD 633 nm 30 mW, <1 pm linewidth SLM
  • NEW! 08-NLD 785 nm 120 mW, <1 pm linewidth STM/SLM









The Cobolt 08-01 Series of narrow linewidth continuous-wave lasers, including diode pumped lasers as well as frequency stabilized diode lasers operating at fixed wavelengths. These lasers are built using proprietary HTCure™ manufacturing technology for ultra-robustness into a compact hermetically sealed package. The lasers emit a high-quality laser beam with very stable characteristics and reliable spectral performance, making them ideal for advanced analytical applications where stable and narrow spectral linewidth is crucial, such as Raman Spectroscopy (and Interferometry).