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OSE Status of Operations during Corona

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Message from the President & CEO of OPTOSIGMA Europe SAS

We thank you for your loyalty and trust in OPTOSIGMA in these uncertain times. We are constantly monitoring the development of the situation around the COVID-19 pandemic and are finding solutions to continue to provide our support in Sales and Technical question you may need.

Our top priority is to maintain the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers, while meeting our service commitments. OPTOSIGMA has implemented a series of measures that comply with World Health Organization guidelines and each country’s rules in EMEA where we are present to minimize the risk to our employees and customers.

These include:

  • Work remotely from home, use of Internet technology to serve our customers or use it for meetings
  • Establish a period of isolation for employees returning from high-risk regions
  • Stop travelling domestic and International for non-essential trip
  • Encourage employees to familiarize themselves with the information on 2019-nCo and to see doctors immediately if they feel unwell
  • Inform employees about its symptoms, advices on how to prevent and to detect them. Remind employees of good hygiene practices such hand washing with soap and strict compliance with our guidelines on social distancing
  • Make sanitized gel available for our employees when need in our offices or factories

Despite recent border closings in many countries, as far as our shipping company partners can honor deliveries, OPTOSIGMA and SIGMAKOKI factory is continuing to manufacture for our customers, except when exceptional government restrictions prevent us from doing so.

OPTOSIGMA with SIGMAKOKI Group, we have nearly 50 years of experience as a manufacturer of high-end Optics, OptoMechanics, stages, motorized systems and components for the Photonics and laser industry, we went through many global crisis similar to this one, we have a solid logistic system able to mobilize dynamic contingency plans to manage and mitigate supply chain disruptions.

Since the situation continue to changes each day, we invite you to follow OptoSigma on our Linkedin social network and our website www.optosigma.com for further information.

Thank you for trusting OPTOSIGMA and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Guy Ear
President & CEO